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Soy: Friend or Foe?

Soy has gotten a bad rap over the years and many people avoid it due to concerns about its relationship to breast cancer or thyroid …

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Herbal Living

Without herbs, I would probably not have the love for food that I do.  Herbs are a balance between taste and health and as a …

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Nutrient Spotlight: Magnesium

Magnesium is essential to our health and has over 300 roles in ensuring our body is functioning at its best.  From sleep disturbances, to gut …

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Should You Ditch Dairy?

As the gluten free diet has gained popularity and traction over the years, so has the dairy free diet. So, what does the science tell …

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Managing GERD With Diet and Lifestyle

What is GERD? GERD stands for gastro-esophageal reflux disease. Many people experience the occasional acid reflux which is characterized by a burning sensation commonly referred …

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DIY Creamy Nut Butter

It may seem complicated and daunting to make your own nut butter, but we promise it’s so simple you will be wondering why you avoided …

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Snacking Smarter During Covid

This last month has been a challenge for many to say the least.  With the pandemic comes stress and often with stress, comes eating.  Not …

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Is Your Food Making you Sick? What is LEAP and Why Consider Doing it Now

    We have heard it time and time again from clients.  “I want to lose weight and feel better, but I can’t pinpoint what …

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Seeds 101

Not sure why or how to start including seeds in your diet? It might seem daunting to know how to use seeds, but once you …

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Beans 101

Are beans healthy? How much should you eat? How should you include them in your diet? If you’ve ever had these questions, then read on! …

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Pantry Staple Dinners in Under 30 Minutes

With many of us practicing social distancing, it can be overwhelming to be meal planning with limited grocery store trips. When we think about how …

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Practicing Mindful Eating During Covid-19

So many of us are spending more time at home due to the unprecedented situation with Covid-19. In a time of uncertainty, you may be …

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