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Beet Love!

Who loves Beets?!  I love beets!  Beets are packed with nutrients to help fight inflammation, reduce blood pressure and improve digestive health.  Beets contain high …

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Is Bloating Normal?

Many people come to us complaining of bloating. But, is bloating normal? Or something to be more concerned about? For many people, bloating can be …

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Nutrient Spotlight: Vitamin B12

What is Vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 (also called cobalamin) is a vitamin that is also a micronutrient, meaning we need less than 1 gram daily. …

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Mushrooms: “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

The Magic of Mushrooms The medicinal use of mushrooms has provided health benefits for centuries.  Taken in powder forms, tinctures, teas or supplement form, mushrooms …

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Navigating IBS: What You Should Know

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, commonly known as IBS, is sub classified as diarrhea predominant (IBS-D), constipation predominant (IBS-C) or mixed. Symptoms of IBS include frequent painful …

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Soy: Friend or Foe?

Soy has gotten a bad rap over the years and many people avoid it due to concerns about its relationship to breast cancer or thyroid …

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Herbal Living

Without herbs, I would probably not have the love for food that I do.  Herbs are a balance between taste and health and as a …

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Nutrient Spotlight: Magnesium

Magnesium is essential to our health and has over 300 roles in ensuring our body is functioning at its best.  From sleep disturbances, to gut …

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Should You Ditch Dairy?

As the gluten free diet has gained popularity and traction over the years, so has the dairy free diet. So, what does the science tell …

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Managing GERD With Diet and Lifestyle

What is GERD? GERD stands for gastro-esophageal reflux disease. Many people experience the occasional acid reflux which is characterized by a burning sensation commonly referred …

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DIY Creamy Nut Butter

It may seem complicated and daunting to make your own nut butter, but we promise it’s so simple you will be wondering why you avoided …

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Snacking Smarter During Covid

This last month has been a challenge for many to say the least.  With the pandemic comes stress and often with stress, comes eating.  Not …

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