Eat well.
Be Well.

Eat well.
Be Well.

Looking for something?

Confused about what to eat?

Get back to basics with this 8 week program designed to offer accountability and easy to understand education and recipes about nutrition, mindfulness and goal setting.

About Red Apple Nutrition

We strongly believe in the promotion and integration of health, fitness and a balanced lifestyle. We share an overall passion for wellness and are committed to helping each individual reach his or her optimal health goal!

As trained professionals in the field of nutrition, we take pride in assessing our clients’ needs based on their personal goals, lifestyle, medications and their current state of health and readiness to change. Our clients have many goals from weight loss and lowering blood fat levels to achieving digestive health and calming autoimmune disease. We weave those goals into comprehensive plans that makes them achievable. We are firm believers in functional nutrition and helping each individual find the root cause of their disease or illness through thorough investigation of the whole person, not just the symptoms. Understanding the whole person helps us to better evaluate each individual and enables us to give them the help they need to achieve lasting health.

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Rita (Singer) de Freitas

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