Back to Basics: Whole Food Nutrition

Getting back to basics means eating real food. Eating food that comes from the Earth, not a laboratory. Our diets have drastically changed over the last 50 years, but how can we gain a better control of what we put into our bodies? Understanding Whole Food Nutrition is a start.

The Truth About Fats

In the past 30 years, the incidence of diabetes, obesity, brain related disease and heart disease has spiraled out of control. In the late 1970’s, the surgeon general recommended that we consume low fat and fat free foods. We have tried to cut fat out of our diet but the obesity rate has tripled since 1960. We are eating less fat than ever, but getting fatter. Why? This seminar is a focus on why we should not fear the fat!

The Power of Brain Health

Nutrition intervention is a key component to warding off chronic disease. Eating a well-balanced diet and choosing whole foods can help support brain health and brain promotion. We often understand that our diet can impact nearly every chronic condition, but what we may not realize, is that it can impact our brain health as well.

A Gut Feeling: The connection between food and mood

The gut is the very core of our health. It digests, absorbs, transports and breakdowns food into nutrients so that your body can absorb what it needs to get the vitamins, minerals and energy it requires to survive daily. The gut alone is home to trillions of bacteria that work hard every day to keep out foreign invaders. If compromised, it can wreak havoc on our entire body, mind and well-being.

Nourishing the Right Hunger

Chronic, uncontrolled stress can lead to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. What we eat affects how we feel and how we feel affects what we eat. This class focuses on the relationship between food and mood and finding ways to become more stress-resilient with eating patterns.

Meal Makeovers

It may seem like a lot of work to meal plan, but all it takes is a little bit of time, planning and consistency and before you know it you will be a pro! This seminar focuses on meal planning 101 and implementing the 3 P’s of healthy eating. Planning meals can be as easy as 1-2-3 with these helpful hints and tools

Understanding the In’s & Out’s of Vitamins and Minerals

More than half of the American population take supplements. But how do you know if are you taking the right ones? Or how much and what are the possible interaction and potential side effects? All too often we take supplements without answering these questions or understanding why. This seminar will focus on the basics of understanding the rationale for using supplements as well as how.

Shaping a Healthy Heart

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women. Today, more than ever, we are faced with chronic stress and lifestyles that lead to poor eating habits, lack of sleep and minimal exercise. Understanding the risk factors and how you can live a healthier life can help you to prevent heart disease.

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